The KVBA Presents Blues In The Schools

by Lynn Headapohl

The Kalamazoo Valley Blues Association is proud to be able to announce the long-awaited

Susan Harrison, KVBA Blues In Schools presentor, jamming with students at Spring Valley Center for Exploration

Susan Harrison, KVBA Blues In Schools presentor, jamming with students at Spring Valley Center for Exploration

re-launch of its “Blues In Schools” program. The KVBA generously sponsored 3 classroom presentations with performance artist Susan Harrison in early June at Spring Valley Center for Exploration in Kalamazoo, as the school year came to a celebratory close.

Martha Serio, of Communities In Schools at the Center was eager to facilitate our Blues In Schools presentation. As a site coordinator at the school for 7 years, she has always embraced the value of introducing programs to enrich the lives of the students in her community.

“Blues in Schools” is an interactive program that engages children in an art form of the American people. It was born out of a desire for expression, telling stories that express individual emotions that swell with rhythm, syncopation, poetry and spirit.

This demonstration was an interactive presentation with music and conversation exploring the roots and culture of American blues music presented to 1st and 2nd grade students. The program spanned 50 minutes. The presentation was a combination of humanities and music, while touching on the performance value to the students. KVBA was happy to bring the students this experience and give them an insight into this American music form.

Susan Harrison understands that learning can be fun! As an educator
she has taught teachers how to use music, movement and drama across
the curriculum, and she vows to never quit learning. She is an award-winning songwriter, author, performance artist and founder of Palamazoo Puppet and Music Productions. The KVBA is happy to have her share her joy with your students.

Educator Jaime Hall commented:
“I thought the presentation was delightful and educational. The kids had FUN!! They were engaged throughout the entire program. Thank you so much for including us. It was a wonderful opportunity for the kids to learn about the blues!”

Our aim, with this program, is to further proliferate an education in this American roots music and give all students a chance to experience freedom of expression in a positive way. If you would like more information on the “Blues In Schools” project, and have an interest in bringing this presentation to your school and learning how your students can benefit and join in the fun, please contact Lynn at


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